Working with Renters: 

In the Chicago area the demand for great rentals is always high, even with new construction inventory increasing year over year. There are many ways to look for rentals in Chicago but we provide value to our clients based on our experience with various buildings, management companies, and rental agencies. We know what questions to ask, we can help you identify the best properties, and best position your application based on your situation and needs. Things like pets, credit situations, and lease timing could be issues for some tenants, but with our team we can help open up possibilities to best insure your housing needs are met and you are not missing out. As a renter it does not cost any additional money to use an experienced broker to help with your search.


Call or email us today for more information on how we can help you successfully rent a great home. We also specialize in relocation so even if you're new to Chicago, we can act as "tour guides" and help you navigate through all the buildings and neighborhoods.

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